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For your attention, by paying your booking fee/ Deposit in part or in full, you agree to the following Terms:



In the following terms & conditions “the stylist” shall mean BITT Events Ltd  “The client(s)” shall be the person or persons defined as the customer, hirer or couple in the wedding or celebrant or event booking or an agreed agent of the couple or celebrant or hirer such as but not limited to an event planner. It is agreed that the following terms set out in this agreement are binding & no variation or modification of this agreement shall be effective unless agreed by both parties in writing only prior to making any payment to BITT EVENTS.  (an Email, Text or WhatsApp message is acceptable as in “writing”).

  1. Booking Fee / Deposit Payments

1.1 The availability of goods and or services to any given Client cannot be guaranteed by BITT Events until booking is confirmed and the date is secured.


1.2 Quotes are valid for no more than 14 days. They may be withdrawn at any time. Only written quotes from a BITT Events representative may be honoured; telephone and other quotes and prices for services may be dismissed at BITT Events discretion.


1.3 Your date will be held for the duration your quote is valid. After such time, we cannot ensure your date will remain available for you if you do decide to go ahead.


1.4 Cleared payment of a non-refundable booking fee/deposit of 25% secures your date & requested décor, hired items, and services listed on your invoice. BITT Events recommend that booking fee/deposits are made within 72 hours of receiving a quote/invoice.


1.5 The booking fee/deposit is non-refundable or transferable in the event of cancellation.


1.6 Weddings that are postponed to a later date will retain the fee as long as BITT Events are available for the new date and time of your wedding.

1.7 The booking fee/deposit will be deducted from the cost of the client's chosen items.


1.8 Payments are to be made in the following structure unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

1.8.1 25% booking fee/deposit then, then 3 further payments of 25%.


1.8.2 25% booking fee/deposit then equal monthly instalment plan.


1.8.3 25% booking fee/deposit with the final balance to be cleared no later than 14 days prior to the wedding/event.

1.9 If payment in full is not completed by said date, this agreement may be terminated & payments made up until this point will be forfeited.


1.10 Acceptable forms of payment include cash and bank transfers. Our preferred method is bank transfer.


1.11 If you wish to book any of our services within 8 weeks of your wedding date, full payment will need to be paid at the time of booking.

       2. Cancellation


​2.1 All cancellations by the customer must be made in writing; via email. Orders/Events are not cancelled until this is has been received. (It is recommended you confirm BITT Events receipt of your cancellation by telephone)


2.2 After securing your booking, we do not allow more than 30% of the total cost to be cancelled, Amendments & additions can be made up until 4 weeks prior to your day. (Note that amendments & Additions may incur additional costs.)


2.3 The following charges may apply;


2.3.1 - 80% of the total cost will be charged for cancellations made less than 14 days to the event.


 2.3.2 - 50% of the total cost will be charged for cancellations made between 15 days and 28 days to the event.


2.3.3 - 30% of the total cost will be charged for cancellations made more than 29 days to event.


    3. Hire & Liability

3.1 All hired decorations, stock & equipment including storage boxes & other items associated with our stock remain the absolute property of BITT Events Ltd at all times and as such are included as items that will be deducted from your security/ Refundable deposit (or invoiced to you) if lost or damaged while in your care.


3.2 It remains the client’s sole responsibility for all hired decorations, stock & equipment from the time that it is delivered to the time it collected if Dry hiring any of our decorations, or stock equipment it remains the Dry/DIY hire client’s sole responsibility from the time it is collected to the time it is delivered back. 


3.3 If the client is Dry/DIY hiring any of our decorations, stock or equipment when hired items are delivered back by the client, they cannot just be left at the drop-off address a member of staff must be present to take delivery and a check of the items must be made by a member of the BITT Events team while the client is present. The client assumes all responsibility if any damage or loss occurs in the event that items were delivered back inappropriately and not received by a member of the BITT Events team.


3.4 BITT Events Ltd assumes that Dry/DIY hire clients or agents sent on behalf of the client to collect their hired decoration, stock or equipment items, have adequate car insurance which is enough to cover the cost of BITT Events goods if in the unfortunate event there is an accident.


    4. Security/Refundable Deposit


4.1 All bookings require a Security/Refundable deposit to be held by BITT Events against damages, loss or stolen items unless otherwise agreed.


4.2 The client agrees to be charged the full cost to replace any items that are damaged, lost or stolen. The cost will be taken from Security/ Refundable deposit. If the total exceeds the Security/Refundable deposit, the client shall be invoiced for the remaining amount. This must be paid within 14 days of invoice.


4.3 A security/ Refundable deposit will be invoiced 2 weeks before your event/wedding date and will be held until all hired products are collected in acceptable condition & returned within 7 days of collection or the client to return in some cases.


4.4 The Security/ Refundable deposit is 10% of the cost (and will be stated on the quote/invoice). In some cases, for some items this can change, you will be notified at the time of receiving your quote/invoice if you have selected an item that incurs a higher security/ Refundable deposit.

     5. Terms for popular Items/Services


5.1 CHAIR COVERS: Unless otherwise agreed prior it remains the client's or an agent of the clients responsibility to remove all chair covers prior to collection (note that removal of chair covers is not part of set down), if our team arrive and the chair covers remain on and The Stylist has to remove them the client will be invoiced an additional 50p per chair or 50p per chair will be subtracted from the client’s security/ Refundable deposit.


5.2 For Chair Cover hire:


5.2.1 - Where the Client has decided to hire the Chair Cover Clause 5.1 will be superseded by this  Clause 5.2, the Chair cover is hired to the Client and thus, putting on the chair cover for the event and removing the chair cover after the event is the responsibility of the Client. 


5.2.2 - It is the client’s responsibility to ensure all chairs have been covered before the event and that all chair covers are removed and given back to the Stylist from BITT Events after the event. 


5.2.3 - If any member of BITT event is required to put on and or off the chair covers, it will be invoiced an additional 50p per chair or 50p per chair will be subtracted from the client’s security/ Refundable deposit If the deposit does not cover this, the client will make further payment to cover the full cost.


5.2.4 - BITT Events will not be liable or responsible if all chairs are not covered prior to or during the event, as the chair covers have been hired by the client.


5.2.5 - It is the Clients responsibility to check the condition of goods upon receipt and notify the BITT Events via text, WhatsApp, or email, if there are any issues with Chair covers, before unpacking and before use.


Note: Any damage to our Chair Covers either as part of the decoration items issues (Clause 5.1) or under the Chair Cover hire (Clause 5.2) will be invoiced to you at £2 per chair cover and payment deducted from the refundable deposit. 


5.3 TABLECLOTHS, NAPKINS & CHAIR COVERS: Excessive dirt, grime, or damage to any of our linens may result in the client being charged to launder or replace. Excessive can mean but is not limited to the linens etc not being used in the intended way such as using cloths or napkins to clean up mess or wipe floors or letting children draw or write on them etc.


5.4 MOVING OF DÉCOR/PROPS: It is agreed that all large décor and/or props we provide are likely to be placed/displayed where the client has stipulated except in the circumstance where The Stylist deems it unsafe or impractical once they arrive to set up. At no point unless agreed prior can our larger décor/props be moved without consent once The Stylist has placed them out & left the venue. 


5.5 FINISHING TOUCHES: The client agrees that all items provided by BITT Events will be used in their intended manner only, for example (examples used but scenarios not limited to these laid out) candle holders being as ashtrays or charger plates being used to eat or serve food from. If we deem  that items have been used in ways other than the intended, this may result in the client being charged for said items in full or charged to clean the items.


5.6 ALTERNATIVES: BITT Events endeavours to always provide the exact items a client has booked but in the very unusual event that an item you have hired has been collected from another event damaged beyond reasonable repair, lost or stolen we reserve the right to offer/use an alternative option within reason i.e the same or similar colour, height, size, style of item etc. The          Stylist will notify the Client in most cases if after much effort we cannot purchase or source the exact item the client has hired in time for the client’s event.


        6. General/Additional Terms/Miscellaneous


​6.1 The Client must be over 18 years of age and, is the lead name on the booking form/quote.


6.2 The Stylist or any of their team cannot be held responsible for laying out such items as Table &    Chairs in the client's venue unless specifically agreed upon prior, it is agreed that the venue or the clients are responsible for this before the arrival of The Stylist arriving to dress. This is not included in the Setup costs.


6.3 It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the requested decorations, stock and equipment fully comply with the venue’s rules & regulations beforehand (such as but not at all limited to

examples such as the use of real candles or the use of confetti). If for any reason The Stylist cannot comply with the booked décor, stock and/or equipment due to the venue’s rules BITT Events cannot be held liable and the fee for said items will not be returned.


6.4 BITT Events has the right to terminate this contract if in the unlikely event that any member of staff is abused by the client or an agent of the client or if communications break down between client & BITT Events. The booking fee/deposit will be returned in the instance that communications break down & BITT Events feels unable to work with said client.


6.5 The stylist reserves the right to capture photographic images of all styling, décor & hire stock that we provide to any event and at any time after said event share them on including but not limited to social media, our marketing materials, our website and other media’s such as blog, in print such as magazines etc unless specifically agreed upon in writing before the signing of this agreement. 

6.6 In the event the client assigns an agent or decision maker (for example but not limited to an event/wedding planner) to approve, disapprove or answer on the client’s behalf BITT Events cannot be held liable for the agent/decision makers decisions.


6.7 In the unlikely event that an act of God or unavoidable event should stop the stylist from fulfilling a booking BITT Events cannot be held responsible.


​6.8 BITT Events has full right to amend or change this agreement at any time. If any amendments or changes are made, you will be notified.

6.9 It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure all relevant details of the order including any requirements of the venue for delivery and collection are relayed to BITT Events at the point of booking.

6.10 Clients are responsible for ensuring that the event venue is open and accessible to the  Stylist at the time agreed with BITT Events. Failure to ensure that the venue is open and accessible may result in lateness in decoration. BITT Events will not be responsible for any inconveniences caused or costs incurred as a result. The Stylist also hold the right to refuse to  decorate if the venue is not opened and accessible at the time agreed, and additional charges may apply.


6.11 BITT Events representative will endeavour to call the provided contact number(s) 15-30   minutes prior to arrival. Although BITT Events will do all it can to ensure this call happens, this is an additional service and cannot be guaranteed. Nor can it be used as a reason for the venue not being opened and accessible at the agreed date and time.


6.12 The venue needs to have suitable access so that we can move equipment into and from your venue easily. Where the function room is not at ground level, a goods lift will be required. If access is poor, then an additional charge may apply in order for extra staff to be allocated to your event to carry items into and from your function room. 

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